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TX4 Taxi (ii)
  • Black TX4 Taxi
  • Silver TX4 Taxi
  • White TX4 Taxi
  • Sky Blue TX4 Taxi
  • Light Blue TX4 Taxi
  • Dark Blue TX4 Taxi
TX4 Taxi (i)
  • Union Jack TX4 Taxi
  • Dark Grey TX4 Taxi
  • Dark Green TX4 Taxi
  • Light Green TX4 Taxi
  • Red TX4 Taxi
  • Brown TX4 Taxi
Ford Tourneo Taxi
  • Silver Ford Tourneo Taxi
  • White Ford Tourneo Taxi
  • Dark Grey Ford Tourneo Taxi
  • Dark Blue Ford Tourneo Taxi
  • Black Ford Tourneo Taxi
  • Red Ford Tourneo Taxi
Fairway Taxi
Citroen Dispatch Taxi
  • White Citroen Dispatch Taxi
  • Dark Grey Citroen Dispatch Taxi
  • Silver Citroen Dispatch Taxi
  • Dark Blue Citroen Dispatch Taxi
  • Black Citroen Dispatch Taxi
Peugeout E7 Taxi
  • Dark Blue Peugeout E7 Taxi
  • Silver Peugeout E7 Taxi
  • Dark Grey Peugeout E7 Taxi
  • White Peugeout E7 Taxi
  • Black Peugeout E7 Taxi
Renault Trafic Taxi
  • Red Renault Trafic Taxi
  • Silver Renault Trafic Taxi
  • White Renault Trafic Taxi
  • Grey Renault Trafic Taxi
  • Green Renault Trafic Taxi
  • Black Renault Trafic Taxi
Vauxhall Vivaro Taxi
  • Green Vauxhall Vivaro Taxi
  • Silver Vauxhall Vivaro Taxi
  • White Vauxhall Vivaro Taxi
  • Grey Vauxhall Vivaro Taxi
  • BLue Vauxhall Vivaro Taxi
  • Black Vauxhall Vivaro Taxi
  • Red Vauxhall Vivaro Taxi